September 03, 2012

Independence of Catalonia

President Mas shows as a coward servile maid at Spain's service. Timorous and unable to defend the interests of Catalans. This is what he learnt from Jordi Pujol; to bend over in front of Spain and save his arse, but not Catalans.

Now, Spain does not need Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya and Rome does not pay traitors. The decadence that we are living now. at political as well as economical level. is the result of thirty years of indignant regionalistic government, that had the objective of boxing Catalonia into Spain, modernizing Spain and teaching Spain.

Well, the most stupid and irresponsible thing ever to be thought by a Catalan.

And now, we see the results. when abjection rules.

Josep Castany
President Catalunya Acció


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