July 31, 2012

Homage to Catalan Patriots.

Only great men, with strong character, men with vision and profound convictions can transform moments of crisis like we are living now in unique opportunities that culminate in victory.

This is the immediate challenge that we are presented with who love our Catalan nation. Strong leadership must emerge, with men and women with strong character who lead the way to face Spain and France, transforming this suffering defeat into the last push for independence.

This leadership must not come from the actual political parties representing the Spanish legality that wants us assimilated and converted in provinces. Therefore, it must not emerge from the actual regionalist parties, or from those who are supporters of independence by mouth but not acting towards it, those whose ambivalence allow the assimilation process, and the impoverishment of our nation.

This leadership must come from the full support for independence, men and women who have their heads, hearts and actions committed to one only objective, the independence and reunification of the Catalan nation.

To make this leadership afloat, as it is impossible to capitalize the success of independence, we must reaffirm in the character of all those who are immersed, expelling the spectrum of the regressive uniformization, heritage of the state leftism, that softens determination, stops and suffocates the most lucid and courageous voices, and still nowadays resists to pointing at any clear strategy that is killing us, or who carry them out and permit them.

Only the emergence of this courageous and strong leadership, who is able to calling things by their name and ultimately willing to reach the end despite any obstacles in the way, will be able to vertebrate unity, known by all as necessary to the constitution of a dignified independence. Real unity is founded in the recognition of the authority of the most integral and the most able.

A nation cannot go further from where its leaders go. We have bitter memories about this. When leaders are weak, the nation becomes weak too. When leaders are traitors, the nation becomes humiliated. When the leaders are pure mediocre administrators, lacking any love for their country, chaos surfaces being the broth for growing far right forces. But when they are real leaders at the nation's service, this blooms all its possibilities and lives glorious times. We need leaders faithful in the country. To break up corsets, the asphyxiating limitations imposed by leaders unworthy of the Catalan nation, and to take it by their strong hand towards independence.

It is now time for those who want a free Catalonia to act with wisdom, responsibility, generously and loving our Nation, making possible the emergence of the most courageous, most lucid and more committed.

This is a homage to all those who died defending the liberties of Catalonia, and who all honour today, expect from us, from who are living critical and fascinating moments of our history.

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

Maria Torrents, cousellor Catalunya Acció


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