February 09, 2010

If you don't go, they come back

Of all the adverts we have published, full page and colour, I believe that this is the most equilibrated and potent as image. There is not a lot of text, it becomes very contrasted, with an intense black, nothing like a fly's wing, practically without any transparency from the previous page, even the paper, with a little visible surface with a slight rough grain orange-skin is useful. Magnificent from the point of view of the printer.

The soldiers lifting the flag have together three very clear meanings; fight, victory and team work!

Fight because Iwo Jima was not the last battle, after achieving victory on that one, the fight still continued for a long time. As it happens with Catalonia.

Victory because they have put up the flag and saved the island. Build another base camp. Advance, battle by battle towards our independence.

Team work and effort, because battles are not won by soldiers on their own but coordinated under a commandment and one strategy. Too many times and thousands of times a day, a lot of Catalan patriots want to go alone, not accepting neither commandment nor strategy. Their lonely effort was not fire power, they do not understand that every member within the team reinforces the others and amongst them become a winning team, like in Iwo Jima.

The sentence, battle roar, signal of hope in all and for all; "ARA MÉS QUE MAI, NI UN PAS ENRERE!" -Now, more than ever, not a step back!-. The logo of Força Catalunya identifies what it is needed the most in Catalonia, strength!!!

The star of Catalunya Acció and the star of the flag mean the Star of Freedom, the independence of Catalonia!

"Si tu no vas, ells tornen" -if you don't go, they come back-. Let everybody go so the Spanish, the supporters of regionalism and the ones who disguise independence for autonomy within Spain do not come back. Nothing that stinks of Spain, nothing that kneel down or seeks fraternal relationships with Spain.

Article by Salvador Molins. Counsellor Catalunya Acció.

Image Published on Feb 7th 2010. Diari Avui, Barcelona.


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