September 24, 2009

Catalunya Acció wins DENAES

TUESDAY, 22/09/2009 - 19:15h

The Spanish High Court confirms that the jeering at the Cup final is not an offence

The Spanish High Court has ratified the last July’s resolution by Judge Santiago Pedraz, who did not admit to procedure the suing presented by the Foundation for the Defence of the Spanish Nation (DENAES) against Catalunya Acció and ESAIT with occasion of the jeering to the Spanish King and Anthem during the Spanish Cup final, in Valencia, played FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club Bilbao.

The High Court rejects the allegations presented by the same Foundation against Judge Pedraz’s resolution. Resolution which qualifies as “misbehaved” all those who whistled and understands that exhibiting an independent Catalan flag or a banner with the legend “Goodbye Spain” is a way of showing “what is preferred”. “There is nothing to say to those who are against the Institutions or symbols of the State and their form and regime fixed within the Constitution framework.

However, it may be different depending the the way in which this is manifested”, says the resolution. DENAES is the same organization that sued in 2006 against Pepe Rubianes following some declarations about the unity of Spain during the program “Les tardes d’Albert Om” (TV3).

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